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C# is the best language for mobile app development.

Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java, you can do in C#.

public Dictionary<string, UIImage> GetImages(string directory) {
  var images = new Dictionary<string, UIImage>();
  var paths = Directory.EnumerateFiles(directory, "*.png");
  foreach (var path in paths) {
    images[path] = UIImage.FromFile(path);
  return images;

public async Task<List<FeedItem>> GetFeedItems(DateTime date) {
  var feed = "";
  var response = await httpClient.GetStringAsync(feed);
  var items = await ParseFeedAsync(response);
  return items.Where(item => item.Published.Date == date).ToList();
  • More Types, Less Typing

    C# uses type inference to give developers more safety in fewer keystrokes, without boilerplate or verbose type annotations.

  • Language-level Async

    Asynchronous programming (async) keeps apps responsive. In Objective-C, Swift and Java, async requires callbacks and manual bookkeeping. C#’s language-level support makes async a breeze.

  • Stronger Types, Smarter Tools

    Generics guarantee that collections and other compound types are used safely, without the need for casts or comments. Xamarin tools understand intent better thanks to richer types, with benefits like ubiquitous code completion.

  • First-class Functions

    In Java for Android, lambdas are unavailable. In Objective-C, lambdas are extremely cumbersome. In C#, lambdas couldn’t be simpler, making functional programmers feel right at home.

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Xamarin apps use native UIs on every platform to enable the best possible experiences. Simplify mobile app design with our Android and iOS designers, and build your own app today.

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IDEs for all of your ideas.

Use Xamarin with Visual Studio, or try Xamarin Studio, our free development environment for Mac and Windows.

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Xamarin apps share code across all platforms.

Target iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# codebase. Use the same language, APIs and data structures on every platform. Build interfaces with Xamarin.Forms and share nearly 100% of your code.

Xamarin apps are better connected.

Use NuGet and choose from over 20,000 existing .NET libraries, or pull in curated SDKs like Microsoft Azure, SAP and Salesforce from the Xamarin Component Store.

Test any app on hundreds of real devices with Xamarin Test Cloud.

Run automated UI tests for any iOS or Android app across hundreds of real devices in our secure testing facility. Catch hard-to-find bugs before users do by monitoring performance across device models, OS versions and screen sizes.

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“Xamarin offers the best of all worlds. We deliver high performance, native apps that, until Xamarin, were only possible with Objective-C and Java. Sharing over 50,000 lines of code across platforms gives us more time to spend on great user experiences.”
Matt Crocker Director of Client Engineering, Rdio
“Xamarin’s platform enabled our engineering team to become native mobile developers almost overnight, eliminating the expense of hiring scarce, expensive platform-specific developers.”
David Fuller Vice President of Software R&D, National Instruments
“Xamarin’s architectural approach provides completely native UIs with better performance than other cross-platform techniques... Xamarin uses multifaceted technology built by a cohesive team with a solid long-term track record.”
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms
“The broad collaboration between Microsoft and Xamarin is targeted at supporting developers interested in extending their applications across multiple devices. With Xamarin, developers combine all of the productivity benefits of C#, Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Azure with the flexibility to quickly build for multiple device targets.”
S. Somasegar Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation

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