“Xamarin.Mac helps me tap into the Mac market with better, faster results”
– Jon Lipsky, TouchDraw for Mac creator


Quickly build and deploy native
Mac apps in C#.

Mac App Store Ready
Reach new users through the Mac App Store
Share code across platforms
Easily share code with iOS, Android, and Windows apps
C# and .NET
Leverage existing skills and code to get your Mac app to market quickly

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Why you’ll love Xamarin.Mac

Your app on 66 million Macs

Happy Users

Today’s users expect to work seamlessly across mobile and desktop computing environments. Xamarin supports iOS, Android and now Mac development with Xamarin.Mac. Share up to 90% of app source code across these platforms, and even share code with Windows apps for a total of 2.2 billion devices you can reach in C#. With Xamarin, you can focus on delivering a great user experience across all major platforms and form factors.

Fast Time-to-Market

Through code-sharing and re-use of existing .NET libraries, Xamarin.Mac enables developers to take advantage of the Mac App Store opportunity in record time. Whether you are adding a companion desktop experience to your mobile app, or taking your Windows desktop app to Mac users, Xamarin.Mac is the fastest path to your destination.

XCode and Interface Builder Integration

Use XCode's Interface Builder to design your screens and menus visually, and then sync them with your Xamarin.Mac project. User interfaces are built using native Cocoa controls so your apps look and perform like Mac apps.

Robust Roadmap

Xamarin.Mac is a new product at the forefront of a major trend where desktop and mobile operating systems are starting to converge, and has a strong roadmap for future development. Expect frequent Xamarin.Mac updates to stay ahead of this trend and based on customer feedback. Xamarin is committed to ensuring that Xamarin.Mac, and our mobile products, represent the fastest way to build great apps in C#.

Xamarin.Mac in Action

A two-minute introduction to building Mac apps in C#

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