In the summer of 2011, Rdio found themselves with three different codebases for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps for their internet radio service. In this highly competitive space, Rdio apps must provide a responsive, performant native user experience, and Rdio must iterate quickly with feature updates and bug fixes; a difficult task to accomplish across fragmented codebases.

As they researched cross-platform solutions, Xamarin stood out as the only solution delivering a fully native experience as well as the desired cost and time-to-market savings from unifying app development and sharing application code.

“To our users, the most important thing is the performance and fluidity of the in-app experience. With Xamarin, we are able to have it all. We’ve saved thousands of engineering hours while delivering gorgeous, high-performance native apps across device platforms and form factors to consumers worldwide.”

Todd Berman, Vice President of Engineering, Rdio, Inc.

In December 2012, Rdio launched a major update to their Xamarin-based iOS and Android apps. Because the apps share more than 50,000 lines of code, Rdio was able to release updates for both platforms concurrently, and devote more time to new features and user experience.

“Rdio’s mobile app is the best looking and best implemented of the three.” (comparing Spotify, Rdio and Google Play)


by National Instruments

LabVIEW is an industry standard system design software application that provides engineers and scientists with the tools needed to create and deploy measurement and control systems. The LabVIEW mobile application is a perfect complement to the desktop software as it allows users to create custom dashboards to remotely monitor their systems.

Because the LabVIEW engineering team had a significant investment in skills, time and code in C#, they were quickly able to leverage Xamarin’s platform for an iPad application, with additional apps in the works for phone and tablet apps for both iOS and Android.

“Our customers rely on National Instruments for their mission-critical systems, and we in turn rely on Xamarin to extend our capabilities to mobile devices. Xamarin’s platform enabled our engineering team to become native mobile developers almost overnight, eliminating the expense of hiring scarce, expensive platform-specific developers.”

David Fuller, Vice President of Software R&D

In addition, National Instruments plans to use Xamarin.Mac to modernize future releases of LabVIEW for Mac. "Our flagship system design software - NI LabVIEW - has been supporting our Mac customers for more than 27 years." Said David Fuller. "With Xamarin we can save a tremendous amount of development time and modernize our LabVIEW for Mac desktop capabilities in the future."

Clear Channel

Clear Channel is the world’s largest outdoor advertising company with close to 1 million displays in 45 countries across 5 continents. Digital billboards have more engaging displays than printed billboards, and allow advertisers to dynamically control location, timing and ad content.

In 2 days, Clear Channel’s software/mobility engineer built an iPhone app on Xamarin that allows digital outdoor network managers to remotely access billboards, including a webcam to see current conditions of the display. Clear Channel will deploy an Android version shortly, thanks to the code reuse and efficiency gained via Xamarin.

“Xamarin allows me to program for Apple and Android faster and use existing code that we use daily. So thank you again Xamarin for all that you do for us at Clear Channel.”

Chuck Condron, Software/Mobility Developer

Kimberly Clark

by Bluetube

Kimberly-Clark leads the consumer goods market with products sold in more than 136 countries and more than $20 billion in annual revenue. Kimberly-Clark’s Professional Safety division is the premier choice for hundreds of businesses looking to make their workers healthier, safer, and more productive. Companies like GM, Boeing, and Aerobus trust Kimberly-Clark Professional safety products to protect their employees and keep their work spaces safe.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, the company was looking for a way to streamline the sales process and improve customer service with a well-designed, high performance iPad app.

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner Bluetube used Xamarin to build a state-of-the-art iPad app focusing directly on the needs of the salespeople. Xamarin enabled Kimberly-Clark to reuse most of their existing C# code and many of their existing web services which saved hundreds of hours of development time.

"We trust the Xamarin platform with our mission-critical enterprise app development. The stability of the platform, combined with Xamarin's deep native user experience capabilities, is unmatched.”

Grant Davies CEO of BlueTube

Salespeople are able to access up-to-the-minute customer account information through a custom Salesforce.com integration using Xamarin’s capability to interface natively, and are able to present high quality product information through integration with Kimberly-Clark’s Sitecore CMS. They are able to create beautiful PDF sales proposals by walking customers through a 3D modeling component in the app that helps them identify safety products to protect specific areas of the body. The fully native, high performance apps enables the field force to work both online and offline at client sites.

With this new Xamarin-based app, Kimberly-Clark has seen a significant increase in revenue, a reduction in sales cycle time, and a significant improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

"The results from our new field sales app are phenomenal — our sales people love the app and are able to engage customers and close deals more effectively. Key to the app's success is the beautiful, fast user experience made possible by Xamarin."

Kim MacDougall, Senior Capability Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional

Visit our Enterprise page to see the Kimberly-Clark app in action and learn more about Xamarin and enterprise mobility.


BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH is Europe’s leading household appliances manufacturer. BSH recently launched a new mobile application for smartphones and tablets that will help the company’s customers get the most value out of their BSH products.

The app helps customers maximize home efficiency by providing washing instructions, recipes, demonstration videos, and interactive manuals that use swipe animations to transform an appliance picture into a rotating three-dimensional image that users can explore via touch such as opening and closing doors and drawers. Customers also use the app to find dealers and self-repair instructions, to order new parts, and to request service visits.

The app integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and an internal backend content management system to deploy new videos, articles, and recipes dynamically. This regular infusion of new content makes it easy for the company to keep the app as fresh as the produce in a BSH refrigerator.

The app was built by Zühlke Engineering, a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner. BSH wanted a rich mobile experience to showcase at IFA, one of the most important consumer electronics trade events of the year. BSH knew it could count on Zühlke to get the job done in time for the show while delivering the quality that BSH customers expect.

The app had to be technically perfect, embodying the commitment to precision engineering and technological innovation that characterizes BSH appliances. Xamarin was the choice for the project to meet BSH’s performance and modern, intuitive user interface requirements as well as Zühlke’s developer productivity and fast time-to-market needs.

“The ability to deliver fully native user experiences, combined with the ability to reuse our existing skills, tools, testing and continuous integration frameworks makes Xamarin a quite obvious choice for Zühlke’s mobile development projects. Sharing code across device platforms helps us exceed customer expectations and expand our strategically important mobile business.”

Harald Haller, Business Unit Manager, Zühlke


Many enterprise developers look at how games perform on a mobile development platform as a test of the platform’s user experience and performance capabilities. Bastion, the award-winning PC and Xbox 360 game developed by SuperGiant Games, leveraged Xamarin’s user experience and performance advantages when the game was brought to iOS.

SuperGiant games had never developed for iOS previously, but they knew they needed to retain all the narration, music, artwork and gameplay that made the console version so successful. They also needed to implement two control systems – a touch-optimized default one for iPad-only users, and a “Classic” control system that mimics playing the game with a gamepad.

Using Xamarin, along with the MonoGame project, the team was able to re-imagine Bastion for touch and publish it to the App Store in just 5 months. This enabled SuperGiant games to focus on optimizing the design for iOS and deliver a rich, narrative-driven game unlike any other console-ported game. Even though users had the option to play in “Classic” mode, SuperGiant found that 80% of users prefered their new touch-inspired interactive controlling. As WIRED put it, this “might be the best console-to-tablet port yet.”

The app has been downloaded over 500,000 times and has 4.5 stars in the apps store with almost 12,000 reviews. Additionally, Bastion won the “Best Downloadable Game” Interactive Achievement Award, considered an Oscar of the gaming industry.

Playing Bastion on the iPad is a great way to see Xamarin’s user experience and performance advantages in action, whether you are building the next hit game or mobilizing your company’s workforce.

“The iPad version of Bastion would not have been possible without Xamarin. Xamarin allowed us to get the game up and running on the iPad quickly, and meant that we could invest our time into iterating on the design and presentation, rather than on having to rewrite the entire game engine.”

- Greg Kasavin, SuperGiant Games Creative Director

Learn more about how SuperGames brought Bastion to six new platforms by watching Andrew Wang, CTO of SuperGiant Games, at Evolve 2013.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse, the widely-popular restaurant chain known for their fall-off-the-bone ribs,was looking for a way to engage their customers on a local level while providing them information on-the-go about menu items, store locations, and special events. Previous attempts with a PhoneGap-based app did not reflect Texas Roadhouse’s commitment to a fun, high quality experience.

“The results of our mobile app have improved dramatically since partnering with LEAP and Xamarin. Through the app, we’ve recreated the Texas Roadhouse experience—convenient locations, fun atmosphere, and amazing food.”

Dave Dodson, Communications Director at Texas Roadhouse

LEAP, a prominent digital agency and Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, worked with the restaurant to create an award-winning app with a great user experience and a high level of portability. The app shares 60% of it’s code across platforms, has been downloaded over 100,000 times and won the 2012 Davey Award for best business app.

“Xamarin allows us to quickly and efficiently code mobile apps for more than one platform. Some mobile software says they can do cross-platform, Xamarin delivers.”

Ryan Kolatalo, Vice President of Technology, LEAP Agency


When a natural disaster such as Superstorm Sandy hits, with an estimated $25 Billion in damages, the affected families and businesses need fast turnaround time on damage estimates and claims. Xactware is the industry-leading choice for 22 of the top 25 insurance carriers, and all professionals involved in estimating building and repair work. Over 80% of US home property claims are processed through Xactware’s Xactimate software.

As their clients demanded more portability for their field staff, the Xactimate team saw an increasing need to mobilize their software. The team initially decided to adopt Objective-C and Java for their iOS and Android apps. However, this choice created high staffing and maintenance costs. With over one hundred developers on the mobile team, maintaining complex feature sets in multiple code bases was slow and cumbersome. Xactware switched to Xamarin in order to utilize their existing C# developers and code base to perform the same complex calculations across platforms. With Xamarin, Xactimate was able to bring 10,000,000 lines of previously written code to iOS and Android.

The Xactimate app features an easy-to-use UI that let’s adjusters create claims and estimates in a matter of minutes. Their Sketch feature allows the employee to create a CAD-like rendering of a physical space, attach a type of repair to that space, and issue a fully-calculated, comprehensive estimate of costs - down to the price of each nail.

“With the recent iPad and Android tablet explosion, we knew we had to provide an amazing experience on those devices. With Xamarin, we were able to mobilize existing .NET code, greatly accelerating our timeline. We were glad that we were able to take the code we've built over the years and move it to a mobile environment in such a short amount of time."

Nick Sykes, director of mobile projects, Xactware.

To see the app in action, watch the Evolve 2013 video The Xactimate Insurance App: Bringing 10,000,000 Lines of Code to Mobile. Or visit our Enterprise page to learn more about Xamarin and enterprise mobility.

Direct Energy

by Pariveda Solutions

Direct Energy, is one of the largest home service and energy providers in North America, serving electricity and natural gas to over six million active customers.

In September 2013, Direct Energy launched a new smartphone application that makes it much easier for customers who are increasingly using their phones as their primary computing device to manage their accounts, earn awards by referring friends, and to monitor energy usage.

“A growing portion of Direct Energy’s customer base live and die by their smartphones. We wanted to engage this growing audience in a way that is familiar to them, with a great, native app on multiple platforms. Pariveda and Xamarin made this possible.“

Monte Beck, CMO of Direct Energy.

The app was developed by Pariveda Solutions, a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner. Pariveda worked with Direct Energy on a technology selection process, evaluating a wide range of solutions—from MEAPs to HTML5 frameworks—based on criteria co-developed by Direct Energy’s business and IT stakeholders. Xamarin emerged as the winner in the technology selection, as it was the perfect fit to meet both business and IT requirements.

View the full case study to learn how Pariveda was able to go from design to deployment in just six weeks, share 90% of source code across device platforms, and position Direct Energy for the future by making it easy to add any new device features and platforms.

“Xamarin is a critical part of Pariveda’s growing mobile success and expertise.We are able to deliver fully native apps very quickly—something not possible with any other solution.”

Brian Orrell, CTO at Pariveda.