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Xamarin enables enterprises to deliver integrated, secure apps for all major devices

BYOD made easier with Xamarin

Extend Your Reach to 2.5 Billion Devices

Xamarin makes it possible for your team to build native and hybrid apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows using a single C# code base. With Xamarin, you reduce app development and maintenance costs by leveraging your existing teams, tools and code. Explore Xamarin’s mobile enterprise features and case study below, or download our Key Strategies for Mobile Excellence white paper to learn more about how Xamarin is accelerating mobility for more than 500,000 developers.

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Proven Enterprise Success

Xamarin's architectural approach provides completely native UIs with better performance than other cross-platform techniques... Xamarin uses multifaceted technology built by a cohesive team with a solid long-term track record.

With Xamarin, we were able to mobilize existing .NET code, greatly accelerating our timeline. We were glad to take the code we’ve built over the years and move it to a mobile environment in such a short amount of time.

Nick Sykes
Director of Mobile Projects

Xamarin’s platform enabled our engineering team to become native mobile developers almost overnight, eliminating the expense of hiring scarce, expensive platform-specific developers.

David Fuller
VP of Software R&D
National Instruments

Integration with Enterprise Systems

 SAP Mobile Platform

Xamarin enables developers to create native mobile apps capable of easily leveraging the rich functionality and enterprise data exposed by the SAP Mobile Platform. Learn how Xamarin and SAP are collaborating to empower enterprise developers to go mobile with their existing skills.

Build native apps around your Salesforce data with the Xamarin Salesforce SDK component. Give your users the mobile experience they expect, and increasingly demand, from their enterprise apps. Take full advantage of the raw performance and rich functionality native to each platform.

Plan Your Mobile Projects with the .NET Mobility Scanner

Xamarin accelerates app development and reduces costs through reuse and sharing of your existing .NET code. Use our new .NET Mobility Scanner to see exactly how much your existing code is mobile ready immediately for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store, and get a detailed roadmap of the remaining work required to mobilize an existing app.

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Leverage Visual Studio & ALM

Xamarin’s Visual Studio add-in makes it possible to design, build, deploy, and debug Android, iOS and Windows mobile enterprise apps in a single solution. Stay productive by continuing to leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including ReSharper, Team Foundation Server (TFS), TeamCity, Jenkins, and your favorite code coverage and profiling tools.

Tackle Any App Use Case

Xamarin provides native performance, and access to 100% of each platform’s APIs—anything you can do in Objective-C or Java can be done in C# with Xamarin. From apps for BYOD to transformational consumer-facing mobile experiences, Xamarin helps you tap into all mobile possibilities.

Easily Connect

Wiring mobile enterprise apps to data is a snap with Xamarin. Leverage .NET’s extensive framework of libraries for calling web services and interacting with data sources. In addition, the Xamarin Component Store makes it possible to connect to cloud services and enterprise systems with just a few lines of code.

Secure Apps and Data

With protection against code decompilation, encrypted local data storage, and a complete .NET security stack, including support for authentication and certificate management, Xamarin helps you secure data on the device, in the app, and over the wire so you're ready for BYOD. Partnerships with Samsung and other MDM providers makes secure app distribution easy.

Case Study:
Mobile CRM

Learn how Bluetube, an award winning digital agency, and Kimberly-Clark challenged the customer engagement status-quo with an iPad app. The Xamarin-based field sales app:

  • Reduced sales rep workload
  • Increased revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Integrated with and Sitecore
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Some of our valued customers

World-Class Support and Services

Accelerate app development projects and ensure the highest team productivity with Xamarin’s support, training and services options. Tap into our extensive consulting partner network of over 150 consulting partners with first-hand experience shipping great apps with Xamarin to help you at any stage of the app lifecycle. Take advantage of our enterprise support offerings that ensure your teams are able to resolve issues quickly.

Invest in Mobile's Future

The mobile revolution has just started—expect radical shifts in device platform market share and rapid innovation in device types, form factors and features. Xamarin helps you thrive in this rapidly changing landscape. Our production-proven technology and unique API binding capabilities make it possible for Xamarin to provide same-day support for device operating system updates, and add support for new emerging device platforms and device types very quickly. Tackle BYOD and future proof your mobility investments with Xamarin.

Additional Enterprise Mobility Resources

Learn more about Xamarin, enterprise mobile strategy and mobile app development best practices through over 50 sessions delivered at Xamarin Evolve 2013, our worldwide developer conference. Enterprise topics include BYOD, security, MDM/MAM, hybrid apps, Mobile CRM, banking and insurance.

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