Xamarin Evolve 2013

Thank you for all that joined us in Austin, it was awesome!
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April 14-17, 2013
Austin, Texas


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Training Days April14Sun April15Mon April16Tue April17Wed Conference Days

Training Day 1 | April 14th

Breakfast at 8:00am
Training from 9:00am to 5:30pm
Training participant dinner at 6:00pm


This track is for those that are new to mobile development or still in the early stages of building apps.

  • Training Keynote/Introduction to Mobile Development
  • (iOS) Hello, iOS
  • (iOS) Hello, MVC
  • (iOS) Tables
  • (Android) Hello, Android
  • (Android) Hello, Multiscreens
  • (Android) ListViews + Adapters
  • Advanced

    This track is intended for those with a solid understanding of the core mobile development fundamentals above already, and want to learn frameworks and concepts in more detail.

  • Training Keynote
  • (Xplat) Notifications
  • (Xplat) Touch
  • (Xplat) Backgrounding
  • (Xplat) Advanced User Interface + Designers
  • (Xplat) Maps

  • Evening Event for Training Attendees

    Training Day 2 | April 15th

    Breakfast at 8:00am
    Training from 9:00am to 5:30pm
    Welcome Reception at 6:00pm


    This track is for those that are new to mobile development or still in the early stages of building apps.

  • (Xplat) Mobile Navigation
  • (Xplat) Project Setup + Visual Studio
  • (Xplat) Web Services
  • (Xplat) Data
  • (Xplat) Social + Components
  • (Xplat) Advanced Xplat Patterns
  • (Xplat) Memory Management (w/Advanced Debugging) + Best Practices
  • Advanced

    This track is intended for those with a solid understanding of the core mobile development fundamentals above already, and want to learn frameworks and concepts in more detail.

  • (iOS) Graphics and Animation
  • (iOS) Collection Views
  • (Android) Graphics and Animation
  • (Android) Fragments
  • (Xplat) Social + Components
  • (Xplat) Advanced Xplat Patterns
  • (Xplat) Memory Management (w/Advanced Debugging) + Best Practices

  • Conference Opening Ceremony

    Conference Day 1 | April 16th


  • Breakfast at 8:00am
  • Evolve 2013 Keynote at 9am with Xamarin & Guests
  • Keynotes and Sessions from 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Food Truck Party at 6:30pm
  • Talks

  • Architecting cross-platform apps with MvvmCross
  • Mobile and the Future of Work and IT
  • Advanced Memory Management on iOS and Android
  • Designing Experiences for iPad
  • 10 Must-Have Components for Your Mobile App
  • 12:15pm
  • Lunch
  • 1:15pm
  • How C# Saved My Marriage, Enhanced My Career and Made Me An Inch Taller
  • Talks

  • Building Mobile Cross-Platform Geospatial Apps
  • The Xactimate Insurance App: Bringing 10m Lines of Code to Mobile
  • Advanced Android Fragments
  • Create a Uniform Login Experience for Apps
  • What's New in Xamarin.iOS
  • 4:00pm
  • Advanced iOS Build Mechanics, Improving Performance & Size
  • What's New in Xamarin.Android
  • Keeping Your Users Happy with Testable Apps
  • GitHub Halp App: Minimizing Platform-Specific Code Using Mvvm
  • Beating Android Fragmentation
  • 5:00pm
  • Lightning Talks #1
  • Push Notifications with PushSharp
  • A Developer's Guide to Enterprise App Deployment: BYOD, MDM and YOU
  • Building Connected, Cross-Platform Mobile Apps With Azure
  • Conference Day 2 | April 17th


  • Breakfast at 8:00am each day
  • General Session with Josh Clark 9:00am
  • Sessions from 9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Talks

  • Writing Native Mac Apps in C# with Xamarin.Mac
  • Android Tips & Tricks
  • Cross-Platform UI Controls
  • Xamarin and Mobile Banking
  • Multiplatformism: Lessions Learned Bringing Bastion to Six New Platforms
  • 11:15pm
  • Getting the Most from Xamarin Studio
  • Walkthrough: Binding Java Libraries
  • Advanced Collection Views and Building Custom Layouts
  • Building the Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana App with Xamarin
  • Using Async in Your Mobile App
  • Talks

  • Mapping on iOS and Android
  • Walkthrough: Binding Objective-C Libraries
  • Building Great App Experiences With Scalable Cloud Services
  • Sharing Up to 80% Code for iOS, Android and Windows, A Retail App Case Study
  • What It Takes to Build Mobile Smash Hits
  • 2:30pm
  • Crafting Interactions with Core Animation
  • Kimberly Clark: Challenging the Field Service Status Quo with an iPad
  • Maximize Code-Sharing with Xamarin.Mobile
  • Building Hybrid Apps with Xamarin
  • 4:00pm
  • Fast UI Creation With MonoTouch.Dialog
  • Lightning Talks #2
  • Protecting Data on Device with SQLCipher
  • Mobile's Impact on Real-time Decision Making & Visualization
  • Cross-Platform Barcode Scanning with ZXing

  • We’re naturally selecting the best


    There will be over 40 sessions covering the following areas:

    • Mobile Design & User Experience
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Integration with Cloud Services
    • Cross-Platform Best Practices
    • Testing Automation
    • Case Studies


    Scott Hanselman

    Scott Hanselman, Microsoft

    Scott is a Principal Program Manager on the Web Tools team within Windows Azure and is one of the most trusted and influential voices in the .NET development community. Be informed and entertained as Scott discusses how C# saved his marriage, enhanced his career, made him an inch taller, and continues to let him create apps for any platform, any store, anywhere, anytime. His hair is still falling out however, possibly due to Silverlight.

    Bart Decrem

    Bart Decrem, Disney

    Bart Decrem is SVP and General Manager for Disney Mobile Games, the group behind the smartphone smash hits Where’s My Water, Temple Run: Brave and Where’s My Perry. Previously, Bart was founder and CEO of Tapulous, founded Flock (acquired by Zynga), co-founded Eazel, and ran marketing and business affairs for the Firefox 1.0 launch. Learn from Bart what it takes to build great mobile user experiences and smash hits.

    Josh Clark

    Josh Clark, Author of Tapworthy:
    Designing Great iPhone Apps

    Josh Clark specializes in mobile design strategy and user experience. He is the founder of Global Moxie and the author of four books, including Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps. In his Evolve session, titled “Buttons are a Hack” Josh will talk about how touch gestures are sweeping away buttons, menus and windows from mobile devices and how you can craft touchscreen interfaces that effortlessly teach users new gesture vocabularies.

    Andrew Wang

    Andrew Wang, CTO Supergiant Games

    After graduating from MIT, Andrew joined Infinity Ward as an engineer on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise. Now he is the CTO of Supergiant Games, the independent studio whose first game Bastion earned more than 100 industry accolades. At Evolve 2013, Andrew will speak to the technical challenges and design goals involved in the year-long effort to bring Bastion to six new platforms.

    Justin Spahr-Summers

    Justin Spahr-Summers, GitHub

    Justin is a Mac Developer at GitHub and has contributed to several open source projects released by GitHub, including ReactiveCocoa, an Objective-C port of Microsoft’s Reactive Extensions for .NET. Justin is also a big proponent of using MVVM, and will use GitHub’s internal helpdesk app, Halp, to illustrate how to maximize code re-use.

    Brett Duncavage

    Brett Duncavage, Rdio

    Brett Duncavage, Android Lead at Rdio, has been building mobile applications for over 10 years. His ongoing mission is to defeat device fragmentation in order to deliver fast, stable, and beautiful user experiences to as many device types as possible. Brett will be speaking about how to achieve this goal through examples of best practices and practical design.

    David Poll

    David Poll, Parse

    David is a software engineer at Parse, an a cappella and barbershop singer, and a self-described geek who has worked for both Microsoft and Google prior to Parse. In his spare time, he builds apps, which is how David found his way to Parse. He will be speaking about the role scalable cloud services play in great user experiences.

    Paul Batum

    Paul Batum, Microsoft

    Paul is a Program Manager in Windows Azure and builds cloud-based services that make life easier for mobile developers. Previously he's worked on WebSockets for .NET and Fluent NHibernate, an open source and convention based object-relational mapping library. When he's not building systems or ranting about code reuse you can probably find him in Minecraft, working on his latest crazy contraption.

    Steve Hall

    Steve Hall, Cognizant

    Steve Hall is Director of the Mobility Practice at Cognizant, where he leads mobile architecture and UI / UX teams. He provides mobile strategy, solutions architecture, design, integration and consulting. With his unique perspective across a wide variety of industries, Steve will focus on building an effective mobile strategy, as well as architecture and enterprise mobility best practices.

    Steven Balusek

    Steven Balusek, RBA

    Steven Balusek is Practice Manager for RBA’s Application Development, Portals, and Infrastructure Practices in Dallas. Steven is a 15 year Consultant, Engagement Manager and Architect in the Microsoft application development space, with experience in delivering mobile applications in Healthcare, Financial Services, Hospitality, and Insurance. Steven will present an in depth case study on how Xamarin was used to deliver cross platform mobile applications for Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana.

    Jenica Welch

    Jenica Welch, National Instruments

    Jenica Welch is a Senior Interaction Designer at National Instruments specializing in virtual instrumentation software design for both mobile and desktop experiences. Prior to joining National Instruments, Jenica worked as a User Experience Architect at both Razorfish and Adobe Systems primarily focused on web design and e-commerce. Jenica holds an MHCI degree from Carnegie Mellon University and will be speaking about designing experiences for the iPad.

    David Ortinau

    David Ortinau, Shutterfly

    David Ortinau is a UI developer for ThisLife, a photo and video startup recently acquired by Shutterfly. David has been breathing life into interactive experiences for 17 years using a wide variety of technologies, and has deployed apps to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. David will speak about how to create delectable animations with Core Animation.

    Kim MacDougall

    Kim MacDougall, Kimberly-Clark

    Kim is a Senior Capability Development Manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional, with over 25 years of technical and customer experience. Her focus is driving sales through technical training and innovative customer engagement. Kim’s formal training is as a chemist, but she has served as a process engineer, research scientist, customer technical liaison and sales trainer during her tenure at Kimberly-Clark. She will join Grant Davies on stage to speak about how the iPad is challenging the customer engagement status quo.

    Grant Davies

    Grant Davies, Bluetube

    Grant Davies is the CEO and Solutions Architect for Bluetube, an award winning digital agency pioneering tablet, mobile and web experiences. Grant has over 20 years of experience in strategy, thought leadership and enterprise architecture. Grant will join Kim MacDougall from Kimberly-Clark on stage to speak about how the iPad is challenging the customer engagement status quo.

    Nick Sykes

    Nick Sykes, Xactware

    Nick Sykes is the director of mobile projects at Xactware, a company specializing in reconstruction estimation and analytical software. Nick’s passions center on his family, his experience with technology, business, and art. Nick has led the production of many Xactware products, and will speak specifically about the process of transitioning large and intricate business tools to a mobile environment.

    Trent Gundersen

    Trent Gundersen, Xactware

    Trent is a mobile development team lead at Xactware. Trent worked many years as a software engineer on Xactware's CAD package called Sketch. Using Xamarin products he created a shared solution that has millions of lines of legacy C# code that is now running on both iOS and Android platforms. Trent can speak on unique challenges that companies will face with large legacy code bases that are not MVC and converting and sharing code between platforms. Trent loves to spend time with his wife and four girls participating in high adrenaline sports such as rock climbing, mountain biking, downhill skiing, (Base jumping with a squirrel suit is on his bucket list).

    Nick Landry

    Nick Landry, Infragistics

    Nick Landry is a Senior Product Manager for mobile & data visualization at Infragistics, the leader in UI development tools. With 20+ years of professional experience with the world's top brands, Nick is a regular conference speaker, published author, 9-year Microsoft MVP on Windows Phone Development, and specializes in Mobility, GIS, and Mobile Game Development. Nick will cover how to create cross-platform geospatial apps with Xamarin.

    Andrey Baskov

    Andrey Baskov, Touch Instinct

    Andrey Baskov is a founder and CEO at Touch Instinct, one of the leading mobile software outsourcing companies in Russia. He started working with Xamarin technologies almost 3 years ago and then founded a company which specializes in developing mobile apps using Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Touch Instinct is one of the first major developers for Xamarin Components. Andrey will talk about how his company was building these components and how they can be used to simplify and speed up app development.

    Stephen Lombardo

    Stephen Lombardo, Zetetic

    Stephen Lombardo specializes in solutions for security-enhanced mobile and web applications at Zetetic. He is a core maintainer of SQLCipher, a popular full database encryption library. He'll explain how to use SQLCipher with Xamarin development tools to secure application data on mobile devices.

    Nic Wise

    Nic Wise, Fast Chicken

    Nic Wise worked in the mobile space before it was cool (which was also before it made either money or sense). He has worked on a wide variety of projects from websites to warehousing, point-of-sale to email archiving, and still gets a kick out of other people using apps he's written. While from New Zealand, he currently lives in London, and (when he's not coding) can usually be found fairly close to an espresso or a bicycle.

    Marc Ghys

    Marc Ghys, Axemia

    Marc is co-founder and CTO of Axemia, a company that specializes in building mission critical applications for large enterprises. He has been programming all kinds of computing devices since he got his first HP calculator when he was 12. Being a big believer in the mobile revolution, he will give you an inside peek into one of their most ambitious projects yet: building a core-banking app with 1000+ screens for iPad.

    Jesse Beaumont

    Jesse Beaumont, Shinobi Controls

    Jesse was born in Santa Monica, CA, grew up in Germany and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a great experience but his accent now suffers from an ongoing identity crisis! His career spans 12 years working as a software engineer, holding a broad range of positions from developer to CTO across SMEs, start-ups and multi-national corporations. As ShinobiControl’s COO, Jesse will speak at Evolve about how mobile is impacting real-time decision making, and data visualization best practices.

    Roy Cornelissen

    Roy Cornelissen, Info Support

    Roy is a software architect at Info Support and has spent over 13 years building enterprise systems using Microsoft technology. He specializes in mobile app design and development for iOS and Windows Phone. Roy will speak about cross platform architecture patterns and uniform federated identity management and login, based on his experience building apps for a major Netherlands retailer.

    Marcel de Vries

    Marcel de Vries, Info Support

    Marcel, Technology Manager at Info Support, spends most of his time helping customers build enterprise systems using Microsoft technology. Marcel writes articles on .NET, Application Lifecycle Management and Mobile and will speak about cross platform architecture patterns and uniform federated identity management and login, based on his experience building apps for a major Netherlands retailer.

    Wally McClure

    Wally McClure

    Wally McClure specializes in building applications that have large numbers of users and large amounts of data, as well as user interface specific technologies, such as Ajax, iPhone and Android. He is a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, and Author.

    Jon Dick

    Jonathan Dick

    Jonathan is a Database Administrator and Software Developer, and has been working with .NET since its beta days. He now focuses on mobile application development, and has written several Xamarin applications. He currently maintains PushSharp, an open source library for sending push notifications to multiple platforms, as well as ZXing.Net.Mobile, an open source, mobile Barcode scanning library.

    Stuart Lodge

    Stuart Lodge, Cirrious

    Stuart works as founder, salesman, project manager, developer, and tea-maker for Cirrious. He’s been coding 30 years; made the software that powers UK digital radio; eats, drinks and sleeps on his keyboard; but still doesn’t know how to use a command line. A late comer to Mvvm, C#, and to open source, Stuart can be found endlessly talking about data-binding, ViewModels, portable class libraries and long distance triathlons. Bruce Willis once pointed at him and laughed.

    Greg Shackles

    Greg Shackles, OLO

    Greg Shackles is a Senior Software Engineer at OLO Online Ordering, based in New York City. His book, Mobile Development with C#, published by O'Reilly, covers how to get started building iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps with C#. Greg speaks regularly at many user groups and developer events, and is also a co-author of a monthly Mono for Android column for Visual Studio Magazine. Outside of technology, Greg is obsessed with heavy metal, baseball, and craft beer, sometimes in combination, as well as an aspiring homebrewer.

    Stephanie Schatz

    Stephanie Schatz, Xamarin

    Stephanie leads the Xamarin Sales and Customer Success team comprised of experienced mobile developers who advise Enterprise companies on mobile strategy, architecture, and best-practices around mobile development. She has lived and worked in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, South America and the US, speaks five languages, and holds a Masters degree in International Business.

    David Hathaway

    David Hathaway, Xamarin

    David is a senior Technical Key Account Manager with Xamarin working with Fortune 1000 companies on defining successful cross-platform mobile strategies. With over 10 years of hands-on experience building enterprise applications in Microsoft technologies, David plays a key role in helping Xamarin's enterprise customers dive into the brave new world of mobile app development.

    Miguel de Icaza

    Miguel de Icaza, Xamarin

    Miguel de Icaza, Xamarin’s co-founder and CTO, has directed the Mono project since its inception and has won numerous awards including Time Magazine’s 100 innovators for the new century. Miguel’s topics at Evolve 2013 include mobile development trends, getting the most from C# and .NET, and Xamarin’s technology roadmap.

    Nat Friedman

    Nat Friedman, Xamarin

    Nat Friedman, Xamarin’s co-founder and CEO, has been writing software for 27 years and is passionate about entrepreneurship and building amazing products. Nat will cover key mobile trends and predictions, Xamarin’s future direction, and ways for you to capitalize on mobile - the largest software market ever.


    Bryan Costanich

    Bryan Costanich, Xamarin

    Bryan is the Director of Education at Xamarin. He's a former Microsoft Architect, published author and renowned software architect. He's also a mobile development expert. In addition to having published to the Apple App Store, his former project, MuveMusic, which runs on Android is the fastest growing music subscription service on the planet. When not working in tech, you can find Bryan monkeying around in Hollywood, or out in the mountains.

    Crain Dunn

    Craig Dunn, Xamarin

    Craig is a technical writer & developer evangelist at Xamarin. He fell in love with the very early betas of MonoTouch, blogged about it, then used it on large mobile projects in the wild before joining Xamarin.

    James Clancey

    James Clancey, Xamarin

    James is a passionate mobile developer. He is the creator of the popular iOS app "gMusic: a Google Music player". Currently at Xamarin, Clancey specializes in building cross platform apps. During Evolve he will be training, speaking, "1on1ing", and maybe sleeping if time permits. He also enjoys 90's music, Pizza, Mountain Dew, and long walks on the beach.

    Anuj Bhatia

    Anuj Bhatia, Xamarin

    Anuj is a Key Account Manager at Xamarin. He started at Xamarin on the Documentation team and became the first Customer Success Engineer a few months later. His interests include Texas, the Mission, Programming, Bioinformatics, in no particular order.

    Nina Vyedin

    Nina Vyedin, Xamarin

    Nina started her hacking career working on our future robot overlords, which lead her to C# and eventually to Xamarin. She joined Xamarin’s documentation team a year and a half ago as an intern, and has been hanging on for dear life ever since. When she is not writing code or docs, she can be found making music, riding ponies, or stealing all the snacks from the Cambridge or San Francisco offices.

    Mike Bluestein

    Mike Bluestein, Xamarin

    Michael is a technical writer for Xamarin. He has worked with iOS since the first iPhone SDK and Xamarin.iOS since the first beta of MonoTouch. He is also author of the book “Learning MonoTouch.” Previously Michael has created engineering software at Dassault Systèmes and designed turbomachinery for Pratt & Whitney.

    Tom Opgenorth

    Tom Opgenorth, Xamarin

    Tom is a technical writer with Xamarin. In 2008 he picked up the first Android phone, the ADP1, and has been hooked on mobile technologies every since. At Xamarin he spends his days on the documentation team, fusing the wonderful world of mobile and C# into samples and tutorials that make it easier for others to tackle cross platform development. When not working, Tom is busy being dragged around by his trusty Samoyed dog or monkeying around with Arduino.

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