Commercial Mono Licensing

Mono is an open source project. The Mono virtual machine is licensed under the LGPLv2 license. This license places a number of restrictions on the use of Mono.

If you are planning to use Mono as a bundled part of your commercial product, on embedded hardware, or in any other situation where using the LGPL-licensed Mono is impossible or problematic, Xamarin can sell you a commercially-friendly license that will suit your needs.

Many commercial users of Mono acquire a commercial license when they want the flexibility and peace of mind to use Mono without worrying about the terms of the LGPL.

Typical examples of commercial licensees include device manufacturers embedding Mono in hardware where the user is not able to independently upgrade the Mono virtual machine from the source code, or software vendors that use DRM or tamper/cheat protection, or include Mono as a tightly bundled part of their product.

Please contact us with the details of your requirements and we'd be glad to help you.

Customers of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Mac do not need to purchase commercial licenses to Mono for apps developed using those tools.