Welcome Microsoft Employees

Welcome to this resources page that is exclusive to the Microsoft Field. We want to help you help your customers build great mobile apps in C# and Visual Studio, and thrive in today's heterogeneous device world. We love C#, Visual Studio and Microsoft developers. Xamarin is committed to helping Microsoft sustain and grow the developer community and to help our shared customer succeed with mobility.

Microsoft and Xamarin have partnered globally to help enterprises and developers build great mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, all in C# and Visual Studio. The following resources are available to Microsoft employees to become familar with Xamarin and our technology.

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Developer Ecosystem Impact

Xamarin enables developers to build fully native iOS and Android apps in C# that can share code with Windows apps. Through code re-use and by unifying mobile app development in C#, Xamarin makes it possible to deliver gorgeous, performant, native apps for all major mobile platforms.

This means the millions of existing .NET developers can succeed in a multi-platform world without having to abandon the Microsoft ecosystem.

Special Offers for MSDN Subscribers

Xamarin has worked with Microsoft to create special offers for MSDN subscribers, including special pricing on new purchases of Xamarin, an extended 90-day trial (enough time to write the next Instagram or billion-dollar Enterprise app from scratch!), and Exclusive Training Content.

See the offers for MSDN subscribers

C# on All Platforms

Deliver gorgeous, native apps for all major mobile platforms with Xamarin. Here is why developers and companies worldwide use Xamarin for app development:

  • Bring your existing Windows code to iOS and Android
  • Unify your mobile app development in C#
  • Share code across platforms
  • Use the tools you love, like Visual Studio and Resharper

How mobile is your .NET?

Shared Code

A Single Solution for Mobile:
iOS, Android and Windows

Xamarin provides Visual Studio add-ins so that you can develop your iOS, Android and Windows apps all in a single solution. The Xamarin extensions support building, deploying, and debugging on simulator or device. Go to the videos section below to see Xamarin and Visual Studio in action.

Download Xamarin for Visual Studio

Windows Azure for
Mobile Cloud Backend

The Azure Mobile Services component for Xamarin, developed by Microsoft, provides data storage in the cloud, user authentication, and push notifications. Declare your data in your app and with only a few lines of code. See Xamarin and Azure in action in the videos section.

Go mobile with C# and Xamarin

Over 1,500 developers packed the main hall of Build 2014 for a chance to see Xamarin CTO and cofounder Miguel de Icaza talk about the transformation of mobile development. Watch to see him use iOS' CoreImage and Twitter integration to add a sepia filter to an image and tweet it out to the world, and unveil our brand new Xamarin T-shirt Store app which enables developers to try out Xamarin to build their first app and order their very own limited edition C# shirt that he wore on stage. Direct link to video.

Webinar: iOS, Android and Windows development in Visual Studio

With a single solution in Visual Studio, build native cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows all in C#. James Montemagno, Developer Evangelist at Xamarin, shows how Xamarin and Visual Studio give you the best environment for developing native cross-platform apps. Direct link to video.

Xamarin Overview

Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, with Xamarin, your app is compiled to a native binary, not interpreted. Native compilation gives users brilliant app performance for even the most demanding scenarios like high frame rate gaming and complex data visualizations. With a small footprint (2.5 MB added to your application code), and negligible impact to app startup time, you can build apps that run faster, wherever they run. Direct link to video.

Xamarin demo in Visual Studio 2013 Launch by Scott Hanselman

Starting at 59:00, Scott Hanselman (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft) demos how to use Signal R, Windows Azure, Portable Class Libraries and Xamarin to build cross-platform apps that sync across all devices and platforms.
Direct link to video.

Webinar: Xamarin and Windows
Azure Mobile Services

Xamarin has partnered with Windows Azure since they first launched Mobile Services, enabling developers to easily use Microsoft's cloud service on iOS and Android. Learn from Xamarin Developer Evangelist Craig Dunn as he demonstrates how to integrate Azure Mobile Services with your mobile app. Direct link to video.

XNA with MonoGame

MonoGame is a full implementation of the XNA APIs for Windows 8, iOS and Android. With MonoGame and Xamarin, developers can extend their Xbox 360 and PC games to mobile devices and tablets easily. For more information, you can watch our MonoGame seminar, or read about the seminar and view the slide deck on our blog. Direct link to video.

Getting Started with Windows Azure

Xamarin provides a frameword that lets developers build iOS and Android applications in C#. With Windows Azure Mobile Services, developers can connect those mobile apps by hosting the backend in Window Azure for a turnkey way to store data in the cloud, authenticate users, and send push notifications. Direct link to video.

Anuj Bhatia
Technical Key Account Manager

Anuj works with the Microsoft field team on Enterprise accounts. After years of writing Enterprise applications in Objective-C and .NET in the mHealth vertical, he joined Xamarin to help bring the next generation of mobile experiences to the Enterprise.

Stephanie Schatz
VP of Sales and Customer Success

Stephanie has led sales and marketing teams in the software industry since the year 2000. Her experience ranges from successful software startups to running sales operations for a $380M sales organization. She has worked in six countries, speaks five languages, and holds a Masters degree in International Business. She is passionate about mobility, loves to travel, is an avid photographer and dance instructor.

Joseph Hill
Director of Developer Relations and Co-Founder

Joseph has been an active participant in the Mono community since 2003, and has also contributed to several open source .NET applications. As a professional developer, he has worked with several Fortune 500 companies in designing and implementing .NET applications. In January 2008, Joseph joined Novell to serve as the Product Manager for Mono, ultimately driving the product development and marketing efforts to launch Xamarin.

Jo Ann Buckner
Head of Marketing

Jo Ann has held technology product management and marketing leadership roles for 20 years. She has deep expertise in mobile, cloud, and developer platforms, coming to Xamarin from Appcelerator and Adobe. Jo Ann led Adobe’s game-changing Creative Cloud and Touch Apps subscription business. She is passionate about mobile apps and devices, creative marketing, and building vibrant developer communities.