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Build amazing mobile apps in C# using Xamarin, Visual Studio, and Azure.


Get up to speed with Xamarin.

Use the resources below to help your customers build native apps for all major mobile platforms using C# and Visual Studio.

Xamarin Resources

Field Sales Tools

.Net Mobility Scanner

Scan your compiled .NET code for compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Xamarin and MSDN Datasheet

Leave this PDF with potential customers so they can easily discover and take advantage of special MSDN offers.

Special Offer for MSDN Subscribers

Learn how Xamarin has helped top companies develop amazing, cross-platform mobile apps using C#.

Xamarin Consulting partners

Accelerate your project by working with a Xamarin Consulting Partner to deliver higher quality mobile solutions.

Presentation: Xamarin Platform Demo

Walk your customers through a real-life application to highlight Xamarin capabilities.

Presentation: Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights Demo

Walk your customers through the entire mobile development lifecycle—including an in-depth look at Xamarin Test Cloud, Xamarin Insights and integration with Visual Studio Online.

Xamarin Platform

Showcase how your customers can use Visual Studio, C# and Xamarin to build native mobile apps—fast.

Which Xamarin approach is best for your app?

Help your customers understand whether Xamarin.Forms or Xamarin Platform is the best option for their use case.

Xamarin Test Cloud Datasheet

Help your customers jump start their mobile quality with Xamarin Test Cloud.

Xamarin Insights Datasheet

Learn more about how Xamarin Insights improves apps—and share with your customers.

Xamarin University Datasheet

Learn—and share—how your customers can become mobile developers virtually overnight.

How C# Drives Enterprise Mobile Success

Share how C# helps enterprises to go mobile in less time, with better results.

Technical Product Resources and Samples

Overview Videos and Customer Testimonials

Applying C# Async in Mobile

Learn how async has completely revolutionized previous efforts to write asynchronous code.

Building Apps with MVVM Light

Learn about the MVVM Light toolkit and architecture and see how you can improve your development workflow with these tools.

Business Apps with Microsoft Azure

Find out how you can accelerate your cross-platform business app development with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services.

The Future of C#

See how can you make use of Roslyn and what new language features are in store.

Taking Wordament Cross-Platform

Hear how engineers took Wordament, their MMO Windows Phone word game, to iOS, Android and beyond.

Xamarin for Visual Studio vNext

Walk through the new IDE features in Visual Studio 2013 designed to help you be more productive inside the IDE.

Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin

Watch Miguel de Icaza talk about the transformation of mobile development to a packed main hall at Build 2014.

Skylight by APX Labs

See how APX provides a seamless experience for “deskless workers” to work hands-free and heads-up with Xamarin.

Apex by Kimberly-Clark

Find out how an iPad app used by Kimberly-Clark’s field sales force drastically reduced the sales cycle and brought in millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

TS4 by eGate Solutions

Learn how eGate Solutions brought their legacy Windows mobile apps to iOS and Android using Xamarin.

Snap Attack by Microsoft Studios

Learn how the team unified their code base, increased their release velocity and made it easier to innovate on all platforms.

The Cinemark App by Cinemark

Watch how Xamarin made it possible for Cinemark to achieve a great, native user experience for all platforms.

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