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Xamarin Raises $54 Million—Because M&A…And Mobile

Xamarin is a fascinating vendor. Giving mobile developers the ability to quickly and easily create applications on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices in a fully native manner, but from a single code base, is kind of like the holy grail for developers.

Ben Kepes

Forbes - August 21, 2014

Xamarin Raises $54M for Mobile App Development

Mobile application developer Xamarin Inc . has nearly tripled its funding by taking another $54 million, which the company says it will use to make acquisitions and boost growth.

Deborah Gage

Dow Jones - August 21, 2014

Cross-Platform Development Platform Xamarin Raises $54M Series C

Xamarin, the popular service for building cross-platform native applications, today announced that it has raised a $54 million Series C round led by a combination of new and existing investors. As far as we are aware, that’s the largest round ever raised by a mobile app development platform.

Frederic Lardinois

TechCrunch - August 21, 2014

Xamarin just raised over $54M, but don’t call it a ‘write once, run anywhere’ platform

Developer platform Xamarin, which powers apps like Rdio and Tom Hanks’ mega-popular typewriter app, today announced a massive $54.25 million to fuel its expansion into Europe.

Harrison Weber

VentureBeat - August 21, 2014

Xamarin 3 Enterprise Edition Reviewed

With this release, Xamarin goes from offering a useful, cross-platform C# technology solution to providing the best multi-platform, native mobile development solution, bar none.

Mike Riley

Dr. Dobbs - May 28, 2014

Xamarin 3 review: Making cross-platform mobile development painless

Xamarin is striving to produce the best—and perhaps only—framework that can target the major mobile platforms while still not giving up the quality and performance expected of native apps [...] you'd be crazy to not use Xamarin 3.

Peter Bright

Ars Technica - May 28, 2014

Xamarin Rolls Out Even More Cross-Platform Mobile Development Goodness

Smart developers will use a toolset like Xamarin to cut out the bulk of the development process and then build platform-specific application aspects on an individual basis.

Ben Kepes

Forbes - May 28, 2014

Xamarin 3 Launches With UI Design Tool For iOS Apps, Cross-Platform Interface API And More

...you can also easily mix and match between using Xamarin.Forms and the native UI [APIs]. When the app is compiled, Xamarin will render the native code, and there is virtually no performance penalty for using this API abstraction layer.

Frederic Lardinois

TechCrunch - May 28, 2014

Jolt Awards: Mobile Development Tools

Dr. Dobbs - March 4, 2014

Microsoft, Xamarin simplify cross-platform development

Computerworld - November 13, 2013

How The Portland Trail Blazers Went Mobile

TechCrunch - December 23, 2012

How Xamarin gave Mono a life after Novell

GigaOm - December 12, 2011

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