Say Hello to Xamarin 3

An introduction to help you get started with Xamarin 3.

Introduction to Xamarin.Forms

Build native UIs for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone from a single, shared C# codebase.

Developing and Designing Native Mobile Apps in Visual Studio

Xamarin is the only platform that allows you to build native iOS and Android apps in Visual Studio.

Developing and Designing Native Mobile Apps in Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio allows developers to build better apps for iOS, Android and Mac.

Getting Started with Xamarin Test Cloud

Find bugs before your users do with an introduction to Xamarin.UITest and a walk-through of how to author an initial test script.

Cross-Platform Testing with Xamarin Test Cloud

An in-depth look into using Xamarin Test Cloud across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Get Ready for iOS 8

An overview of the top new and updated APIs in the iOS 8 release.

Get Ready for Android L, Wear and TV

A walk through the updated APIs in the release as well as the new Android Wear and Android TV SDKs.