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Bosch-Siemens maximizes home efficiency & customer loyalty.

Bosch-Siemens (BSH) is Europe’s leading household appliances manufacturer. BSH recently launched a new mobile application for smartphones and tablets that will help the company’s customers get the most value out of their BSH products.

The app helps customers maximize home efficiency by providing washing instructions, recipes, demonstration videos and interactive manuals. The app integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and an internal backend content management system to deploy new videos, articles and recipes dynamically. This regular infusion of new content makes it easy for the company to keep the app as fresh as the produce in a BSH refrigerator.

The app was built by Zühlke Engineering, a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner. The app had to be technically perfect, embodying the commitment to precision engineering and technological innovation that characterizes BSH appliances. Xamarin was the choice for the project to meet BSH’s performance and modern, intuitive user interface requirements as block as Zühlke’s developer productivity and fast time-to-market needs.

“The ability to deliver fully native user experiences, combined with the ability to reuse our existing skills, tools, testing and continuous integration frameworks makes Xamarin a quite obvious choice for Zühlke’s mobile development projects. Sharing code across device platforms helps us exceed customer expectations and expand our strategically important mobile business.”

Harald Haller, Business Unit Manager, Zühlke

“Mobile is an increasingly strategic channel for us to engage with our readers. Xamarin made it possible for our team to build an app much more quickly than we otherwise could have.”

Ian Rosen
VP & General Manager
MarketWatch & Smartmoney

“Key to the success of our mobile initiatives is delivering a great user experience on a broad range of devices, which is exactly what Xamarin enables us to do. We're able to use our existing team and code to go mobile with great, native apps.”

“Building the app with Xamarin made it fast and easy for us to extend Intune’s reach to Android users. Through Xamarin’s code-sharing capabilities, we now have the development agility required in today’s fast-paced BYOD world.”

Julie Bennett
Partner Director of Development for Windows Intune

Rdio plays music everywhere.

Rdio is a groundbreaking digital music service with on-demand access to over 25 millions songs. Since it was founded by Skype co-creator Janus Friis in 2010, Rdio has reinvented the way people discover, listen to and share music.

In the summer of 2011, Rdio found themselves with three different codebases for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. In this highly competitive space, Rdio apps must provide a responsive, performant native user experience, and Rdio must iterate quickly with feature updates and bug fixes; a difficult task to accomplish across fragmented codebases. They were forced to stagger updates to the apps, releasing new features to one platform first, forcing other platform users to wait.

They standardized app development on Xamarin to get the benefits of code-sharing while delivering fully native apps. In December 2012, Rdio was able to sim-ship a major update to their Xamarin-based iOS and Android apps.

“Rdio's mobile app is the best looking and best implemented of the three.” (comparing Spotify, Rdio and Google Play)

Roberto Baldwin, Wired Magazine

Because the apps share more than 50,000 lines of code, Rdio was able to release updates for both platforms concurrently and devote more time to new features and user experience.

“Xamarin offers the best of all worlds. We are able to deliver high performance, native apps that, until Xamarin, were only possible with Objective-C and Java. Sharing over 50,000 lines of code across platforms gives us more time to spend on great user experiences.”

Matt Crocker, Director of Client Engineering

“A growing portion of Direct Energy’s customer base live and die by their smartphone.” “A great mobile app on multiple platforms, made possible by Pariveda and Xamarin, is a big differentiator in this highly competitive market.”

Monte Beck
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“The efficiency of Xamarin is making it easier for us to take on mobile projects. We know how quickly we can work, and how much easier it is—compared to using other solutions.”

Matt Fordham
Group Lead
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“I knew that Xamarin‘s performance advantages over other cross platform tools and its rock-solid support for all of the iOS APIs were just what this project needed.”

Dirk Eismann
Mobile Application Specialist
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Kimberly-Clark mobilizes its field sales force.

Kimberly-Clark wanted to increase the efficiency of their Professional Safety Products field sales force by enabling them to use iPads to create custom proposals onsite. Their first attempt with an HTML5-based app did not get sales rep adoption.

They turned to Xamarin to build a fully native iPad app, using Xamarin Consulting Partner Bluetube. Xamarin enabled Kimberly-Clark to reuse most of their existing C# code and many of their existing web services which saved hundreds of hours of development time.

Salespeople are able to access up-to-the-minute customer account information through a custom integration and are able to present high quality product information through integration with Kimberly-Clark’s Sitecore CMS.

With this new Xamarin-based app, Kimberly-Clark has seen a significant increase in revenue, a reduction in sales cycle time and a significant improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

“The results from our new field sales app are phenomenal—our sales people love the app and are able to engage customers and close deals more effectively. Key to the app's success is the beautiful, fast user experience made possible by Xamarin.”

Kim MacDougall, Senior Capability Development Manager

“With the recent iPad and Android tablet explosion, we knew we had to provide an amazing experience on those devices. With Xamarin, we were able to mobilize 10 million lines of existing .NET code, greatly accelerating our timeline.”

Nick Sykes
Director of Mobile Projects

“Xamarin enabled our engineering team to become native mobile developers almost overnight, eliminating the expense of hiring scarce, expensive platform-specific developers for our mission-critical mobile development.”

David Fuller
Vice President of Software R&D

“Xamarin allows us to quickly and efficiently code mobile apps for more than one platform. Some mobile software says they can do cross-platform, Xamarin delivers.”

Ryan Kolatalo
Vice President of Technology
LEAP Digital Agency

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